Henan Huabo Green Building Technology Co.Ltd. was established in August 2010, located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China, with our subsidiary Henan Huabo Steel Structure Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. focusing on steel structure manufacturing, with an 8,000 square meters manufacturing facility. Our main products are: light steel structure, heavy steel structure, mesh structure, pipe truss structure, steel frame structure, new metal structure research and development, production, sales and construction, widely used in civil housing, multi-story buildings, high-rise buildings and other types; can undertake industrial plants, warehouse workshops, hangars, farm buildings, stadiums, sales centers, exhibition centers, airport terminals, landscape and other projects.

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provides you with a series of customization of steel structure.

If you have the need to build steel structure warehouse, workshop, farm building, hangar, garage, stadium, multi-story building, mobile home, need sandwich panel, H/C/Z section, color steel plate, pressed steel plate, we have professional design team to help customize your product needs, from design style, material, color, logo, packaging, etc. to help you customize. Please feel free to contact us, we welcome your orders of any size.


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We have 13 years of experience in production and construction

We have been awarded 3A level integrity management demonstration unit, 3A level contract and trustworthy enterprise, and invented more than a dozen practical patents in the field of steel structure, and obtained the certificate of quality and environment management system certification.

More than 30 countries and regions

More than 50 companies and factories

24-hour online service

Mature market system, direct cooperation with end customers, thus reducing the cost of intermediate links, with self-built factories and self-processing level of strength, factory prices. There is a highly skilled construction team.

The factory is located in Zhengzhou City, with convenient transportation by land and air, and close to Tianjin and Qingdao ports, which can save transportation costs to a great extent.

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