Sandwich Panel


Rock wool sandwich panel is a kind of sandwich panel made of rock wool as raw material. Rock wool sandwich panel gives full play to the unique properties of the rock wool core material, fire prevention, thermal insulation, sound absorption and sound insulation, etc. has a significant effect.Foam (EPS) sandwich panel is a commonly used panel. Short construction period, low comprehensive cost, high bearing strength, high overall rigidity, high strength, flexible use. Good heat insulation, sound insulation and moisturizing performance.
Applications: Foam (EPS) is commonly used in mobile homes, steel structures, roof additions, automobile baking paint booths, warehouses, commercial buildings, indoor and outdoor stadiums, cold storage, and indoor partition walls of buildings.

PU board, also known as polyurethane sandwich panel, polyurethane composite panel, polyurethane energy-saving panels, the product is a polyurethane rigid foam as the thermal insulation layer of the double-metal surface, single-metal surface, non-metal surface composite panels, usually used in industrial plants, logistics warehousing, integrated housing wall, roof enclosure system. It has the advantages of beautiful atmosphere, energy saving and heat preservation, and long life.