Five Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Steel Structure


1. What kind of building do you need and how will it be used?
You’ve probably seen plenty of photos of all kinds of steel buildings, but have you explored the kind of building that will be suitable for you? First, determine why you need a steel building. Are you building a garage, home, shed, or workshop? The purpose of your building will determine which style is the best for your project.

Henan Huabo sells several different models for various needs. Your choices include the A-Model, which is perfect for any garage or backyard shop; the S-Model which is great for storage, sheds or warehouses; The Q-Model has extended widths and superior strength and durability; the X-Model works well in locations with high snow load requirements; the R-Model is a roofing system that does not require bulky beams, trusses or supports; and finally, the T-Model combines the strength of a traditional building with the roofing system.

2. What is the size of the building?
Now that you’ve determined the kind of building you need, it’s time to get out the measuring tape to figure out the size.

There are several things that will determine the size of your steel structure including model and location. Every kind of building has a standard height, but can be customized to be taller if requested. One of the amazing things about building a steel structure is the fact that the length is virtually unlimited and can be purchased in two-foot increments. This means that even after you’ve completed your building, you can expand the steel structure at any time by simply adding on a few arches.

3. Check with local building departments and know about regulations in your area
Before you even purchase the first arch, you must know what is allowable in your area. Do a little research on the regulations in your area and what is allowable. This will ensure you’re in compliance with the law in your state/area and this will prevent any issues in the future.

4. Will your building be open ended or enclosed?
When you purchase a steel structure, you can decide if you want the building to be enclosed or open ended. This decision also depends on building use. Open ended buildings can be either open on both ends or just on one. Normally open ended buildings are used for hay or log storage and animal run-ins.

If you choose to enclose your building, you get to decide what kind of endwalls you want. You can close your building off with steel endwalls, or you can use other materials such as vinyl siding, brick or wood.

5. How will you customize it?
The last consideration is probably the most enjoyable in the building process. Now that the foundation is done, the arches are up, and you’ve taken care of the endwalls, how do you make your steel masterpiece stand out?

Henan Huabo offers several different kinds of accessories to spice up your building. You can add windows, double doors, vents, insulation, and even skylights to add that personal touch to your building.

Building a steel structure is a breeze and just taking the small things into consideration will make the process a smooth one.

Once you purchase a building from Henan Huabo, we’ll be there to help you every step of the way. You’re always a part of our extended family, and if you ever run into any snags or have any questions, we’re more than happy to help.